Few short links

  1. Intel has decided to shut down its lablets in Seattle, Pittsburgh and Berkeley! This is old news apparently, but I just learnt of it.
  2. I have been a lot of thinking about the best model for workspaces. Some of the models individual offices, cubicles, and clusters of desks. At WINLAB, we had low-walled cubes. Richard Hamming famously stressed on the importance of having one's office-door open if working in a research lab with individual offices. Here is a nice post on the subject from Matt Welsh who recently moved from being a professor at Harvard to working at Google. At the AT&T security research group where I work, we use a open collaborative workspace with clusters of desks and I can see that it is more productive than the cubicles at my erstwhile grad school lab.
  3. A set of math puzzles, courtesy Gurmeet Singh Manku.